Ever look at your daughter with both wonder and trepidation, knowing she will face many ups and downs that come with being a girl?

Almost wishing you could shield her from it all, but...not quite, because that's not our job, right?

it's all about

The details

"And then I had a daughter. A fierce, stubborn, courageous, talented girl with the purest of hearts.

And what i had known was no longer enough." 

So where do we start?  Let me guide you.

Our job is to teach & equip them with strategies and tools so they can manage things on their own.
And to do it all while making good choices and maintaining their self-worth.  Not an easy task!

Choose one or enjoy all, the choice is yours!


3 Tips to Help your Girls Thrive during Chaotic Times

3 Powerful Mindset Tips for Young Girls

Free Resources

I've compiled some of my best tips to get you started.  Staying connected?  Mindset?  They're all here and they're free.  I can't wait for you to get your hands on them.

Daily Gratitude Sheet - 5 Writing Prompts for Young Girls

Healthy Friendship Checklist - 6 Simple Tips for Young Girls

So get out the pens and colored pencils - because everything's better with color, right?

mindset guide series

Mind Over Matter - A Guide for Young Girls 

Let's Talk Superpowers - A Guide for Young Girls



Mindset Matters Series

Workbooks designed especially for you and your girls.  Your girls will learn about positive mindset and their own superpowers.  Filled with tried and true mindset tools, graphics, activities and explanations, each guide is meant for you to go through alongside your girls, have some good girl-talk, and watch the ideas come to life.

Adapted specifically for your girls so they can see the ideas in action, the Mindset Matters series will get your girls thinking like the strong, amazing girls they are.

Mindset Series Bundle - get both guides together


Tell me more!


courses & workshops

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Workshops & Courses

Bringing you courses & workshops on topics that are central to building your girls' confidence.  You'll be surrounded by like-minded girl mamas to exchange ideas, tips and tricks, share successes and ask questions. 

Real information, authentic conversation & community all from the comfort of your home with your latte in hand.