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May 18, 2020

Teaching our Girls Abundance

Teaching our girls to look for abundance. In all the everyday things. I think this is vital – for them to recognize that every day is new, never seen before, full of possibilities.  Teaching our girls to ‘train their brains’ to look for possibilities and abundance can be a life changing gift.

We often consider mindset work to be something for adults. We read the books, we do the exercises, we soak in the podcasts. But sometimes I think we are missing a huge opportunity when they’re young to start these types of discussions and to make the connections between a mindset of abundance & gratitude with both confidence and resilience.

If we want our girls to develop the confidence to navigate ‘girl life’ we need to make sure they recognize that their minds are powerful and they can control much of what they experience through their mindset. We can show them how to ‘train their brains’ to look for abundance. How? Start simply. Have them notice the things around them that are in abundance.

The abundance of sunshine.

The abundance of flowers in the garden.

The abundance of rain.

The abundance of books on their shelf.

Whatever it is, have them start to recognize these things. And not only recognize them, but be grateful for them. Soon there will be a beautiful ripple effect. Once they begin to recognize abundance and express gratitude, they will automatically find more and more things that are abundant in their lives and to be grateful for.

We created a “Wall of Gratitude” for just this purpose. Every morning when my daughter gets up, she writes down 3 things she is grateful for on brightly colored sticky notes and puts each one up on her wall. Sounds simple, right? These are small daily actions that add up to a big impact.

Why? Having her focus on what is going right in her world from the minute she gets out of bed helps to set the tone for the entire day. It can be anything – the dream she had, the sun shining through her window, the waffle with strawberries she wants for breakfast, her new book.

She may not realize it , but with a marker and sticky notes she is creating a picture that is capturing hundreds of her thoughts, hopes, ideas and reflections, put together one day at a time. And as she goes back and reads them, she continues to recall everything she has to be grateful for and that is abundant in her life.

I believe that our minds are one of our most powerful assets. If we can support our girls in developing a healthy mindset early on, they will thrive and conquer ‘girl life’ as the best version of themselves!

What do you think? Let me know!

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